Stopping Smoking

You can do it!

Imagine how good it will feel when smoking is a thing of the past – when you can just get on with your life without even thinking about it.

Smoking cessation is a two-session treatment. The first session is an opportunity for you to “psyche-up” to making one of the most important and positive changes you will ever make. If you have never had hypnotherapy before, the first session is your opportunity to enjoy the whole hypnotic process and to look forward to the second session – after which you’re free of the smoking habit!

Giving up smoking is a positive process. You start to feel better very quickly as your blood pressure resumes its normal level and your heart no longer beats so much faster than it should do.

  • You will breathe freely and more easily.
  • Your sense of smell and taste will return.
  • You will feel stronger and healthier.
  • You will no longer smell of fags!
  • You will feel clearer in your mind and less stressed in your body.
  • You will never again have to stand outside a restaurant or a pub in the rain while all your family and friends are inside!

Hypnotherapy can help you rid yourself of this horrible habit once and for all. And think of the money you’ll save…

You Can Do It!

Consider the following:

  • Fact number 1: Nobody wants to smoke.
  • Fact number 2: Everyone and anyone can give up smoking.

Think about Fact Number 1 for a moment.
Like me, you’ve probably heard many people say “I enjoy smoking” or “there’s no way I’m stopping”. But you will never find any smoker, anywhere, who doesn’t regret taking up the habit in the first place. Have you ever heard anyone say: “I’m really glad I took up smoking”? Me neither!

Now consider Fact Number 2.
Why do people continue to smoke? Maybe they think smoking gives them pleasure – it doesn’t. Maybe they think that the “pleasure” of smoking is worth the risk – it isn’t. But the most important reason why people continue to smoke is that they think that they can’t give up. “I’d love to give up but I can’t”, “I just haven’t got the willpower” – maybe you have said those words too?

To put it another way – people smoke because they persuade themselves that they cannot quit. Over and over again they repeat those negative messages to themselves and to others. They end up believing those messages. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You Can Do It!

And hypnotherapy can help you.

So – as you read my words and ponder whether to finally take the plunge, can I make one small suggestion? Can I suggest that you take one small but vital step towards kicking smoking out of your life forever? Read the following words:

“I can’t give up smoking”. “I haven’t got the willpower”.

Those two statements are false. Never say those words again. Tell yourself something true instead:

“I can give up smoking – I will give up smoking”

Let hypnotherapy turn “I wish” into “I will”.

Act now! YOU CAN DO IT!

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