Feeling stressed? Then try a hypnotherapy session. It is very relaxing!

I usually begin my hypnotherapy sessions with some basic differential and progressive relaxation.

  • Differential Relaxation – as you breathe in, slowly and deeply, you tense and tighten the muscles of your feet. As you breathe out you release and relax those muscles. You breathe in again and tense your calf muscles – and so on up to the muscles of your scalp. It is a simple process. I talk you through it. It is also surprisingly relaxing.
  • Progressive Relaxation – this is done by suggestion alone. I ask you to imagine relaxation literally flowing through every nerve and every muscle of your body, flowing out from your eyes, over your head, neck, shoulders, arms, body, legs, feet and toes.

After these preliminary relaxation exercises you will be nice and comfortable and the “formal” part of the induction process can begin.

When I was a student, the National College used to define hypnosis as a state of deep relaxation in which there is an altered state of conscious awareness. The whole process is soothing and relaxing.

But, of course, there’s more to it than that. The causes of stress have to be addressed.

The bad news is that there are many and various causes of stress. The Good News is that hypnotherapy can help with just about all of them. Here are just some of the causes of stress:

  • Overall state of health – Is your blood pressure too high? Are you eating the wrong sorts of food? Do you need to lose weight? If you think that your stress levels might be due to health factors then go and see your GP right away! He or she will give you good advice. If you need to lose weight then hypnotherapy can help.
  • Lifestyle issues – Do you smoke? Are you drinking too much? Not getting enough exercise? If so, hypnotherapy can help.
  • Work-related issues – Are you working too hard? Trying to do too much? Having problems at work? There may be no quick-fix solutions here but, in every instance, change is always possible. Hypnotherapy can reduce immediate stress levels and give you the reassurance you need to look ahead and find the solutions to your problems that is right for you.
  • Upbringing and education – Did teachers and parents put you down? Were you told that you are a failure? Do you want to prove them wrong? Once again, hypnotherapy can help.

There are many causes of stress. And also many solutions! Remember: hypnotherapy is about change – helping you to change the way you live, getting rid of bad habits and adopting good ones. Changing things that need to be changed, coming to terms with things that cannot be altered – but, all the time, moving from where you are to where you want to be. Perhaps the root cause of stress is that feeling of helplessness – the feeling that nothing can be done. But change is always possible. Maybe very big changes can occur right now. Maybe only small ones. But lots of small changes add up to one big change.

Beat stress. Turn “I would” into “I will”. Turn “I can’t” into “I can”.

Act Now!

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