Many people say that Success comes from Confidence. They are wrong. Success comes from Self-Esteem.

Many people often think that Confidence and Self-Esteem are one and the same thing. That, too, is a mistake. Confidence is an effect. Self-Esteem is a cause.

Confidence is an outcome. Confidence is gained through experience. Experience comes through taking action.

People often ask me: “Can hypnotherapy give me confidence”? The answer to that is: “Yes”. But really this is putting the cart before the horse. The most important thing hypnotherapy can do for you is to help you to develop the self-esteem you need to do the things you need to do. Confidence will result from your achievements and your experience.

Can you have too much confidence? Actually, yes. An over-confident but inexperienced businessperson may lose a lot of money. Over-confident novice drivers may get themselves killed. Many highly successful people lack what we would think of as “confidence”. I heard Neil Diamond interviewed on the radio many years ago. He said that he doesn’t have intervals at his concerts because of a deep-seated belief that the audience will not return for the second half!

Can you have too much self-esteem? Straight answer: No. Self-esteem is not self-love. Self-esteem is not narcissism. Self-esteem is not egoism. All of those things will harm, not help, your progress through life. To believe that you are talented or special in some way is fine. But unless you take steps to realize that potential and nurture that talent the belief will remain a fantasy.

Hypnotherapy will help you to develop self-esteem. And self esteem is about taking action. With self-esteem almost anything is possible.

This is the best example of self-esteem winning out over adversity that I can think of. His name is Thomas Quasthoff.

Thomas Quasthoff’s body was devastated by the Thalidomide drug. His legs are very short and his arms and hands are too tiny to be of much use. He is about 4 feet tall. In his situation, many people would fall into despair and curse the fate that dealt them such a poor hand. Not Thomas Quasthoff. He focussed upon what he had, not what he lacked. He took the few good things which destiny had granted him and turned them into gold. He became one of the world’s finest baritones. His singing gives joy to millions. He remains an inspiration.

Hypnotherapy can give you the self-esteem you need in order to set off on your own route towards your own goals. It may help you to discover what those goals are. Self-hypnosis techniques may also be used to give you the flexibility to cope with some of the challenges which lie ahead. The journey is for you to decide. No therapist can live your life for you. It is you who must act. But every small step is one step closer. And many small steps can take you a long, long way.

Act now!

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